Karl Lutze Visionary Leadership Fund

Rev. Karl E. Lutze was a true leader whole life and ministry were models of servant discipleship. 25 years ago, when looking to hire a full-time executive director to help launch this new senior ministry organization, ALOA’s Board of Directors turned to Karl. At the age of 71, and for the next 5 years, Karl was instrumental in shaping ALOA. Now, ALOA is planning for the future of ministry to adults age 65 and above, re-invigorated by the vision and ministry of Karl Lutze.

Your gift will help advance Karl’s vision for ALOA, as we seek to:

  • Prepare and motivate Lutheran adults for discipleship
  • Provide training for leaders and equip congregational partners
  • Engage organizational partners and agencies to help those age 65 and up identify and affirm their gifts for lay ministry and service
  • Build a reserve or endowment base to support ongoing work and ministry
  • Reinstate the executive director position to fulfill the full scope of ALOA programs and carry out the mission

Your gift to this fund is critical to advancing ALOA’s mission. Please join friends, colleagues and congregations in bringing to life this unique and fitting tribute to Karl Lutze. Learn more

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