Congregational Help

The demographic of 65 and older is a large and very diverse group. A ‘healthy’ ministry with and for older adults can look very different from one congregation to the next. However, ALOA has identified 5 Ministry Areas that generally affect everyone. They provide excellent opportunities for significant ministry among your church members as well as opportunities to connect the community in which you serve. We’ve attached excellent Resources to each Ministry area so you can get right to work in a meaningful way.

Walk step-by-step through the ALOA framework for ministry to older adults.

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To support this work, ALOA is developing a toolkit of practical resources to support older adult ministry leaders in navigating the challenges and opportunities of aging in 4 focus areas: spiritual, educational, social (community building) and intergenerational. This hands-on guide, loaded with a variety of resources, will help congregations of all sizes develop and expand ministry to older adults. Here’s a look:

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Hear what’s going into ALOA’s Toolkit for Older Adult Ministry