Care Resources for COVID-19

COVID-19 has put the strain of making choices for those who may need rehabilitation or nursing home placement, as well as those supporting loved ones currently in a care facility. The following resource links are not intended to be a complete list of resources and considerations, but is provided to be helpful in these times.

Supporting Your Loved Ones in Long Term Care –  Tips for supporting your loved ones in an Assisted Living or Nursing Home During COVID – Downloadable document provides tips and suggestions from the CDC.

Covid-19 and Nursing Home face sheet

COVID-19 and Nursing Homes:  What Residents and Family Need to Know –  The National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care is the leading national voice representing consumers in issues related to long-term care. Download the organization’s COVID-19 fact sheet

Advanced Care Planning during COVID –  AARP suggests 6 questions to ask of any nursing home caring for your loved one. Read more

Should I take My Loved One Home? –  The National Center for Elder Abuse suggests things to consider before taking a loved one home during the COVID crisis. Download the publication.

Tips for Dementia Caregivers in the Community and Long Term Care –  The Alzheimer’s Association provides tips and recommendations. Read more

Getting Help with Problems in Assisted Living and Nursing Homes –  Find a Long Term Care Ombudsman in your area thru The National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care’s national database. Read more

A Letter to Faith Communities: Protecting Elders From Abuse –  Two organizations who advocate for call on faith communities and provide action steps to help keep vulnerable individuals safe. Read more

A Decision Aid for People Considering Life Support –  The Colorado Program for Patient Centered Decisions provides considerations for those who may require life support assistance during the pandemic. Read more

Coronavirus in Long-Term Care Facilities: Information for Advocates –  The National Consumer Voice for Quality Long Term Care has a wealth of resources for residents, families, advocates and others concerned about long term care during the COVID-19 pandemic. These resources include webinars, links to state specific policies and regulations, links to the temporary regulations established by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare, and a detailed Q and A for families who have questions about visitation and other issues. Read more