Faith Stories™

The Faith Stories™ project was developed to help older adults record a video testimony of their faith and life story. Our primary resource partners older adults with young people to produce their video Faith Story, but we’ve also included some ways others are utilizing for sharing Faith Stories. 

Play example of a Faith Story

Check out more clips of what a Faith Story video can be.

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Download our Faith Stories Q & A or explore our “How To” guide.

God Is Always With You
You Can’t Break the Group
Encouraging People in Peru

Sharing Faith Stories can be done many ways.

Ward Tanneberg interview

Hear Ward Tanneberg talk about Tuesdays at Two, a concept that’s adaptable for older adult groups.

A “how to” guide for Faith Stories™
  1. Overview
  2. Basic Steps
  3. Equipment List
  4. Faith Stories™ Ideas for those Closest to Heaven
  5. Top 10 Questions
  6. Faith Stories™ Nuts & Bolts
  7. Storytelling Basics – Organizing the Multitude of Memories
  8. A Pastor’s Perspective on Faith Stories™
Dr. Mary Manz Simon talks about her own Faith Story