Group of older adultsALOA sponsors and works in conjuction with other organizations on a variety of events for active adults age 50 and up. These gatherings provide opportunities for spiritual growth, fellowship and fun in relaxed, inter-Lutheran settings.

LUTHERHOSTELS are national events held in various locations throughout the U.S. These events are planned by local committees and are often held in retreat-like settings for 4-6 days. Click here for upcoming Lutherhostels

SENIORFESTS are regional events, often co-sponsored by synods, districts, seminaries and other institutions. These events are also planned by local committees and are generally 1 or 2 day events.
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PILGRIMAGE JOURNEYS are extended educational trips, often to other countries, and focus on sites of historical significance to Christians in general and/or Lutherans in particular. Pilgrimages are led by knowledgeable leaders with insight into the both the history and the culture of the land(s) visited.
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