EncourAGING & Equipping Congregations for Older Adult Ministry

WHY is ALOA so passionate about ministry with and for older adults?

Scriptural mandate – ALOA reminds the church of God’s view of older adults. Read more about what scripture says

  • Opportunity:  Each congregation can publicly affirm the high calling and purpose of this stage of discipleship and celebrate the various milestones contained within it.

Demographic Realities – ALOA endorses a transformation of thought, actions and strategies about older adults that mirrors the world today. Read more

  • Opportunity:  Each congregation can prioritize ministry by, with and for older adults.

Maximizing the potential – ALOA advocates for older adults as a significant resource to the church and community. Read more

  • Opportunity:  ALOA can assume national thought leadership among organizations serving the older adult faith community and beyond.




HOW & WHAT will ALOA do to support congregations?

How will ALOA meet the challenge outlined in Our Mission? By targeting Congregations as the key location for ministry.

What will ALOA do to support congregations?

1. ALOA will use existing District and Synod structure to reach congregations, supporting the District and Synod as well as the local congregation.

2. Celebrate, Equip, Serve are key elements:
Celebrate: We celebrate who older adults are … Read more
Equip: Older adults equip themselves … Read more 
Serve: Older adults are not passive but are seen as vital members … Read more

3. ALOA will focus on Six “Domains” of ministry. Read what they are.
These provide opportunity for engagement with members of the congregation, but also with people in the community unconnected to the church.

4. ALOA will tie specific resources to each of the six domain areas, providing immediate help for congregational programming.



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