New Bible Study Resources

Sample Bible StudyWe’re excited to make 8 new bible studies available on our website, thanks to Rev. Ken Holdorf. Rev. Holdorf created the studies to be used in conjunction with videos already available on the video page of our website. The video clips serve as an introduction to the topic or conversation starters that can be extended and expanded upon using the bible study. Suited for personal use or for group studies, they are available for download or reproduced without cost.

Look for the Bible Study symbol with the associated video and click to download.


Intergenerational Ministry Resources

Check out 2 new resources with ideas on intergenerational ministry.Cover of 2017 Summer Newsletter

Intergenerational Newsletter Issue – Download your copy here.

Video resource – We’ve added 11 new video clips to our video gallery, with one on intergenerational ministry. Each of these video clips is intentionally brief, and meant to be a conversation starter or to introduce a topic for church or bible study use. In fact, our video project is an intergenerational ministry in itself. Check out the video on the Making of our Videos on the video page of our website.Save



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