ALOA offers monthly one-hour webinars on specific topics meaningful to older adult ministry leaders in congregations, as well as interested individuals. Each will include an interview with a thought leader working with older adults, and will be archived for future viewing. Scroll down to check out our Archive of previous webinars.

Currently Scheduled Webinars

Each will be 60 minutes max. No charge.

We’re taking the month of July to refresh our webinar schedule and will post upcoming webinar information as soon as it is available. In the meantime, check out one of the topics in our webinar archive.

webinar archive

What Makes Successful Congregational Ministry to Older Adults?

The Village Model in Faith Communities
Elders Rising: Ministry with Older Adults on the New Frontier of Aging
The Lived Experience of Aging in Faith Communities
Faith Story™: How to Share your Faith Journey

Seniors in Transition: Chrislyn Carson
Supporting Aging Seniors: Chrislyn Carson
Aging Parents and Adult Children with Disabilities

Life-Long Health & Wellness: Karen Sue Murdy
Caring for Mind, Body & Spirit: Colleen Botcher
Nursing Homes: Finding the Best Long Term Care Facility
Nursing Homes: Promoting Quality of Care AND Quality of Life

Life-Long Discipleship: Debbie Streicher & Milestones Ministry