Ready For a Role Model?

Dr. Mary Manz Simon, ALOA Board of Directors

“When I’m the oldest in the room, where do I find a role model?”

Have you asked that question?

I have.

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Fortunately, answers are all around. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population is people who are 80 years and older. These “Super seniors” are forging new ground in aging. Some model an active lifestyle. Others have a zest for life – from a walker or wheelchair! – that is contagious. The super seniors who lead committees and congregations, crochet hats for preemies or great others with a smile are potential role models.

However, even a supportive environment of super seniors won’t provide enough fuel to power our later years. We must be open to change.

Change is hard. We’ve learned that through the years.

Yet because we have lived so long, we have seen many ideas, innovations and trends come and go. Each change brought at least a moment of instability that required us to adapt. We had a mindset that was open to growth. Although a traditional older adult instinct might be to resist, we need to “click pause.” An attitude adjustment might be in order.

Looking through a more positive lens doesn’t mean living in denial. We are old. That’s a fact. Adjusting to the new normal that accompanies our age requires effort. Super seniors are among those who offer support. We must be open to listen and learn.

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