…A Lot on My Mind, Lord , personal conversations with God, by Karl Lutze, Retired Executive Director of the Lutheran Human Relations Association, Associate Professor of Theology, former parish pastor and former Executive Director of ALOA. Cost: $18, plus $5 for shipping. Order from Orchard House, Box 469 , Valparaiso , IN.

Devotions for the Chronologically Gifted
, edited by Les Bayer, Concordia Publishing, 1999.

Fire in the Soul: A Prayer Book for the Later Years, by Richard L. Morgan. Classical and personal prayers for accepting aging, discerning meaning, facing loss and death, suffering, etc. $12.

From Grim to Green Pastures: Meditations for the Sick and Their Caregivers, by Richard L. Morgan. Also useful for chaplains and visitation clergy. $10.

The Gift of Years by Joan Chittister. Thought-provoking meditations on “growing old gracefully.” 2008.

Hope and Healing . A Bible study for people with long term illness. Order from Faith Lutheran Church, 314-846-8612, or download from

I Never Found That Rocking Chair, by Richard L. Morgan. Meditations focused on the emotional and spiritual aspects of retirement. $12.

No Wrinkles on the Soul: A Book of Readings for Older Adults, by Richard Morgan. 60 inspiring devotions for the varied lifestyles of older adults. $12.

Prayers for the Later Years, by Malcolm Boyd, Augsburg Fortress, 2002.

Psalms for Life by John Eaton. A meditation on each of the 150 Psalms. Westminster John Knox Press, Louisville, KY. 2006.

Psalms through the Year by Marshall D. Johnson. Comfort, hope and direction from daily reading and reflecting. Augsburg Books, Minneapolis, MN.
Rediscovering the Lord’s Prayer, by Art Simon. Augsburg Books, 2002.

Strength for the Day. Monthly magazine for inspiration and strength during adversity. Concordia Publishing. $6-12 for bulk quantities; $15/year for subscription. Contact: 1-800-325-3040, or magazinestrength- > magazines > strength for the day.

We Need to Talk, Lord by Karl E. Lutze. 2009. Orchard Press, 4 Old Orchard Lane, Valparaiso, IN 46383. $20

With Faces to the Evening Sun: Faith Stories from the Nursing Home by Richard L. Morgan. Meditations for people in nursing homes and their families. $12.

Witness to the Light, by Stephen Carter. Daily devotions with encouragement for tackling life’s issues and reflecting on your Christian witness. Concordia Publishing House, St. Louis, MO.

10 Gospel Promises for Later Life, by Jane Marie Thibault. Upper Room Books.

365 Meditations for Grandmothers by Grandmothers, edited by Sally D. Sharpe. Personal stories, Biblical insights and words of encouragement for the joys and challenges of grandparenting. Dimensions of Living, Nashville, TN. 2006.

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