Adult Ministry Resources

ALOA is committed to actively support adult ministry in Lutheran congregations.

“The ‘Why’ and ‘How’ of Older Adult Ministry,” a rationale for why congregations should invest in ministry for mature adults. It includes an easy-to-follow process for starting or enhancing older adult ministry and a bibliography of resources. 2010. Cost: $2, plus $3 for shipping. Available by contacting our office. Call us at 800-930-2562 or email us at

Forming an Adult Ministry Team – When do you start in creating or restarting adult ministry in your congregation? This “why” and “how” guide has rational, organizational tips and practical suggestions. Click here to download Forming an Adult Ministry Team.

Adult Ministry Subject Resources – Introduced in 2013, Adult Ministry Resources are one facet in fulfillment of that commitment. Authored by ministry leaders, each one tells the story of the development of meaningful congregational ministry involving adults age 50 and up. Each packet is planned to be:

  • Tested in Lutheran congregations or other Lutheran ministry settings
  • Accompanied by a User Guide, providing practical suggestions for its use
  • Offer limited consultation with the author

Provided at no cost to ALOA’s Partner Congregations as they are published, they will also be available to any congregation for a nominal fee.

Called to Follow, by Pastor John Herman at Peace Lutheran Church, Charlottesville, VA, was designed to be used on the journey from Easter to Pentecost, but it is appropriate year round. It is an excellent small group resource in preparation for baptism, confirmation, reception of members, or affirmation of baptism.

Called to Follow is available in its first edition for $10 (plus $3 shipping/handling). To purchase, send a check to the ALOA office, PO Box 4367, Clearwater, FL 33758. A bound edition and e-book edition are also available from Amazon.

Click here to download the User Guidewhich provides a glimpse into the material and suggestions for its use.

Adult Vacation Bible School, by Judy Baker, former Executive Director of ALOA. This step-by-step, “how to” guide is based on the experiences of Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in Dayton Ohio. It has timelines, job descriptions, suggested planning tools and forms. 23 pages.

Adult Vacation Bible School is available in print form or via pdf for $8.95 (including shipping).  To purchase, send a check to the ALOA office, PO Box 4367, Clearwater, FL 33758.

Future resources in development include:

Mentoring Ministry in the Local Congregation – adults and youth serving each other (e.g. tutoring, navigating the computer or the internet, life skills). Available in 2015

Lutheran Heritage and Identity – history and distinctive theological and ethical perspectives of Lutheranism in America.

Embracing Life’s Second Half – celebrating God’s gift of life and finding meaning and new beginnings beyond age 50.