Regional Development

Adult Lutherans Organized for Action, is committed to encourage and provide opportunities to equip, to join in fellowship, and to serve for Lutheran adults age 50 and above across the United States. Our vision:

  • Geographical expansion will help to bridge the gulf between the Board of the national organization and partner congregations. Local leaders will be assisted to develop events and programs distinctive and meaningful to their churches.
  • Regional councils will be enlisted to plan events and programs in local districts and synods and to support local partner congregations.
  • Regional partner congregations committed to excellent adult ministry will support each other by sharing programs and, in cooperation with other regional partners, will work together to plan conferences.
  • Regional judicatories and social ministry organizations will be invited to share in and help to support the expansion of middle and older adult ministry in the region, which will contribute to the reenergizing and renewal of local Lutheran congregations.

ALOA’s National Organization will provide… 

  • Communication channels, including a regional page on its Web site, and newsletter information about effective Lutheran adult ministry initiatives.
  • Surveys to assist member congregations to assess the gifts, needs, and desires of adults in the second half of life and to respond to these.
  • Instruments to assist member congregations to study their ministry contexts and to create events and programs to serve both church and community.
  • Adult Ministry Resource Packets with User Guides, provided free annually to covenant congregations and at reduced price to other partners.
  • National education and fellowship events (e.g. Lutherhostels and Pilgrimages).
  • Modest start-up grants for new SeniorFests and training events.
  • Resources and Training Initiatives utilizing both the Internet and regional convocations to equip and mentor leaders for adult ministry.
  • Model Bylaws for new regions.