Our Strategies

HOW will ALOA attack the challenge?

ALOA will address these critical needs by targeting Congregations as the key location for ministry. 

WHAT will ALOA do to support congregations?

  1. ALOA will use existing District and Synod structure to gain access to congregations, supporting the District and Synod as well as the local congregation
  2. Celebrate, Equip, Serve are key elements: 

Celebrate:  We celebrate who older adults are as contributing important members of congregations and members of the world. Older adults are encouraged to have a vibrant spiritual life in the later years.
Equip: Older adults equip themselves for the new stages of life as they unfold, and the church equips itself to meet the important challenges with this growing population. 
Serve: Older adults are not passive but are seen as vital members of congregations and acting on the world. They are also served as they face the struggles of life unique to their stage of life.

3. ALOA will focus on Six “Domains” of:

a. Discipleship
b. Intergenerational
c. Health and Wellness
d. Independence to Dependence/Interdependence
e. CareSharing
f. End of Life

These are domains that are broadly felt and provide opportunity for engagement with members of the congregation, but also with people in the community who are unconnected to the church.

4. ALOA will tie specific resources to each of the six domain areas, providing immediate help for congregational programming.




December 2018 to August 2019

  • Continue plans with 5 target Districts/Synods

  • Focus main energy on fundraising

  • Continue with key visibility events (BPM)

September 2019 to August 2020

  • Execute plans with first 5 Districts/Synods

  • Continue fundraising efforts

  • Recruit second round of Districts/Synods to work with

  • Continue with key visibility events

September 2020 to August 2021

  • Execute plans with 5 new Districts/Synods

  • Continue fundraising efforts

  • Plan for high visibility 30th Anniversary celebration